Our product lines we can divide to 3 main groups:

  • The basestation antennas and antenna systems (antenna clusters) for all WiFi, WiMAX and LTE bands.
  • The client antenna solutions for all WiFi, WiMAX and LTE bands - the antenna system is integrated into plastic BOX. This BOX (from high quality ABS material) also has compartment for installing of the some WiFi, WiMAX or LTE radio board.
  • The antennas and antenna systems for other using (e.g. small low cost UHF DVB-T antennas, special antennas for RC hobby etc.)
  • Products
    News & Events from DAWICOM
    • 5.1.2016
    • Qute new client solution for LTE bands is available from 5.1.2016
    • 23.12.2015
    • "Pro felicitate et prosperum" for our all customers
    • 10.12.2015
    • Qute new client solution for WiMAX bands is available from 10.12.2015