The DAWICOM has more quite unique solutions (particularly the antenna clusters, client antennas etc.), for the business in the sphere of wireless technologies . Our company is producer of wide spectrum of the antenna models for the most of frequency bands.
The DAWICOM is the manufacturer of the basestation antennas and antenna clusters from UHF band to 5.8 GHz band, i.e. for all WiFi, WiMAX and LTE bands (omnidirectional antennas, 1-sector antennas, 2-sector antennas, 3-sector antennas, 4-sector antennas & 6-sector antennas).
Last but not least the DAWICOM is manufacturer of many product lines of the client antennas and complex client solutions for same frequency bands as for basestation antennas.
For antennas and antenna systems from our production there are available these polarization schemes: Horizontal polarization, Vertical polarization, Dual H/V polarization, +45o orthogonal polarization, -45o orthogonal polarization, Dual +45o/-45o polarization ("cross polarization").
The arrangement of the antenna systems also is possible customized on demand of our customers (the combination of polarization schemes and different patterns in one antenna or antenna cluster).
The total number of all antenna models is more than 350.
News & Events from DAWICOM
  • 5.1.2016
  • Qute new client solution for LTE bands is available from 5.1.2016
  • 23.12.2015
  • "Pro felicitate et prosperum" for our all customers
  • 10.12.2015
  • Qute new client solution for WiMAX bands is available from 10.12.2015